Starting Out

For some time now it has been a dream of mine to use my writing skills for more than a simple, enjoyable hobby. I realised a while ago that I have a skill; a skill which provides me with enjoyment and satisfaction, and that I would be crazy to waste it talking to myself in a blog that very few people would ever see. I have therefore decided to take action and put myself – and my work – out there.

With no writing qualifications and very little time to obtain any, I understood that finding work would be tricky, and that I could end up writing for little to no money in order to compensate for my lack of certification. Determined not to sell myself short, I committed myself to research, practise and persistence while I find my feet in the freelance writing world.

So here I am – step one of the big change. I’ve created my website, I’ve written a hundred articles (in my head) and now, I just need to get it all on paper and find some means of advertising.

The world is daunting, but I’ve seen evidence that hard work and dedication can be just as rewarding without the need for degrees; it will just take a lot more effort to prove my worth and ability.

Stay tuned…

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