How to Add More Meaning to a Wedding Gift


Weddings are great. The food, the party, the atmosphere. It’s a chance to get dressed up and join a happy couple on their special day. Drinks are flowing, smiles are on every face and the stress of planning just disappears for the couple. But here’s the problem: what wedding gift do you buy?

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

With more couples already living together, gone are the days of gifting cheap toasters and other household necessities. These days couples appreciate money and mementos; Cue photo frames, champagne glasses and other “Mr & Mrs” / “Mr & Mr” / “Mrs & Mrs” labelled gifts. As nice as these gifts are, they are often duplicated, rarely match the décor of the couple’s home and can easily end up collecting dust in a cupboard, with the couple unable to recall who they were from.

So, what do you do when you want to give something a little more meaningful than money and a little more personal than homeware?

A wedding day is a special day. People pay hundreds of pounds to document it with photographs and, rightly so, proudly display them around the house in their photo frames. Photos are staged however, and years down the line, will the couple remember what they were thinking or what happened next? Wedding pictures don’t show the full story of a wedding day, or of the couple’s journey to get there.

A story book lives on forever…

A story, on the other hand, captures every detail and can be read over and over again. With descriptive words and in-depth event details, a story can help the couple to relive their journey together for years to come. In a non-imposing book form, the gift can sit proudly on a bookshelf without compromising the interior design (or being thrown out when it changes!) As an extra special gift, it will likely be taken care of and fetched out on anniversaries and marriage milestones.

The internet offers personalised books but most companies use a ready written template, and insert your recipients names here and there. The main story remains the same for every customer. To make the gift as special as the day, why not personalise the book fully and tell the couple’s own story? From first date to wedding date, recapture the couple’s love story and gift it to them on their special day in a beautifully presented personalised book.


This is a service that is offered at Joanne’s Writes, for a similar cost to those other, less personal products that are available. Simply send an enquiry, provide some details of the couple, and have their true love story turned into a fairytale! With the option to add photos of the couple along their journey, this is a truly bespoke gift. What’s more, Joanne’s Writes is a small, independent company so you are offered a personal service by someone who cares, rather than a corporate business who will recycle work. Time and effort is taken to produce a truly magical account of the couple’s event.

Choose a fairytale style love story of “first date to wedding date” to give as a wedding gift, or take an account of the wedding day itself and have it published as a first anniversary present (the paper wedding anniversary!) The great thing is that the book is tailored exactly as you want it.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Your gift will be remembered by the newlyweds because they won’t have received anything else like it, and you can take pleasure in knowing that it’ll be taken out and enjoyed year after year. The couple will read it again on anniversaries, they’ll show it to their children and, when times get tough, they can use it to remind them how in love they are.

This is a truly unique and meaningful gift that will keep on giving, at an affordable price. It’s easy to get started and once you’ve sent the requested details, you can sit back and relax while the masterpiece is created, but you can take the glory when you hand it over!

Want to get started? Send an enquiry!

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