Terms of Sale for Personalised Books

If you would like to purchase a personalised book, please first make an enquiry here.

Upon receipt of your enquiry, you will be asked to provide some details in order that your order can be tailored as you wish. The details requested are solely for the purposes of completing the book and will not be shared with anyone (ever!) Your own details will only be used to contact you regarding the work and will not be shared or stored. To find out more about how your personal details are used, please see our Privacy Policy.

The details you send will be reviewed to ensure there is enough information to produce the number of words requested. You may be asked to send further details if required, or to move on to the next step.

Once your expectations have been discussed and confirmed, you will receive an official quote via email. This official quote is based on the content you require and will be calculated depending on the information provided and the length of the book, as well as other criteria such as additional pictures and express delivery requirements.

When you are happy with your quote, a deposit is required before any writing work is started. The value of the deposit required will depend on the quoted price of the book. Upon receipt of the funds, work will begin and your special gift will be underway! When the draft of your book is available, you will receive a PDF version of the manuscript to review. This is your opportunity to read the document to ensure you’re happy with the content, and raise any changes you’d like to be made.

Once you’re completely satisfied with the work, confirmation is required, followed by payment for the balance (the total quote price less the deposit already paid.) When payment has been received, the book will be sent for printing straight away. No further changes can be made after you have confirmed you are happy with the proof and payment has been made. Please ensure you are 100% happy before confirming.

All work remains the property of Joanne’s Writes and should not be copied or redistributed. Additional copies can be ordered at a reduced cost to the original book. The PDF proof document should be used for review only and not distributed or shared in any way; electronically or otherwise.
(C) Joanne’s Writes 2019. All rights reserved